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Hello, Everybody, Millie here!

Welcome to my new website.  We're just kind of gettin started.   So it's still a bit rough around the edges.   But, hey, these days Millie's not movin as fast as she used to.  And just gettin the thing up takes some work.

The plan is to have an online journal devoted to gay dance music.  And most important, one that pays its due to the Old School, which just happens to be the Church in which Millie worships. Don't misunderstand.  Millie likes the best of the New Music as well as the next gal.  But Millie believes that it should always be joined to the Classics. But not because Millie's old-fashioned.  Heavens no!  Millie's most thoroughly modern.  But Millie does believe in History.  And in Quality.  And most important, Millie believes in Math.

Let's review, shall we!  The Party kicked into high gear about 25 years ago. So you figure if you take all of our best dance music, about 4% of the total has been produced in the last year.  And only 1% in the last three months.   So these are Millie's choices.  She can go hear a DJ who is madly competing to find the next hit or sound, or even a DJ who is being paid $25,000 bucks by some record label to ride the crest, cut the edge, and actually produce that next hit (usually by remixing some fairly mediocre record).  Or Millie can go hear a DJ who has been pushing vinyl for the last 10 or 20 years, has milk crates full of the stuff, and takes Millie on a journey based on a lifetime's experience of playing records.  Now that's an easy call, Baby!

Now about this website.  I am starting out by posting the "Dance Diaries" from the past two years.   I am still not sure I can really pull off more of a regular journal.  So Miss Millie sure could use some help.  If you love Dance Music and love to write about it (or know someone who does), please email Millie@Discosound.com. Doesn't matter if you have very different musical tastes.  What does matter is that you write from the heart. And that you write about what you like. It is so easy to be negative (and we all sometimes fall in that trap).  But negative energy just sort of feeds on itself.  And never really gets you where you want, or need, to get. But positive energy lets you grow. And if you force yourself to explain why you really love a record, a DJ, or a dance party, it forces you to really go inside and figure out what you believe in. And what you want more of.  And once you reach that point, you find that you really don't even want to be around whatever makes you feel negative.  Because it just feels too good to be around what makes you feel....good.   Don't just say a Party was "awesome," or a DJ was "fierce," or you went on a "journey." Describe it, honey!  Tell Miss Millie where you went.  Tell us how you got there.

I call it "Discosound" because that's what it's all about. Pure and simple.

That's all for now...See you later...

Love, Millie

Millie at Her First Miami White Party 2000 Millie with Disco Saves San Francisco Gay Pride 2000 Millie & Friends New York City December 31,1999

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